Ha! Look at these jelly-like eye and lip gels by Patchology! They promise that you can kiss dry lips goodbye and put your fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes to bed! Let´s see if this really works, shall we?

The Patchology Hydrating Lip Gels ($50) contain Niacinamide, Peptides and Green Tea Extract to hydrate, plump and soothe lips! These lip gels feel really like jello and you have to get the masks very careful out of the box- they all kinda stick together and are somewhat slimy- lol. The Lip Gels feel wonderful cooling and hydrating. I am glad they included on the lip mask a little opening for your lips- so you can still talk when you wear them!

After taking them off, you can massage the remaining serum into your lips and the skin around your mouth. It feels a bit sticky afterwards, but after a couple minutes that stickiness goes away. These Lip Gels make my lips look smoother and the vertical fine lines aren´t as harsh visible as before.

The Patchology Restoring Night Eye Gels ($60) contain a powerful dose of Retinol and Peptides. Cedrus atlantica Bark brightens and reduces dark circles. Arnica extract soothes tired eyes to sleep. Just like the Lip Gels- these jello-like masks have to be handled careful! I managed to rip a little piece with one of my fingernails! ;-) I am glad they included a little spoon for the Eye Gels- that really helps to get the masks out of the container.

Just like the Lip Gels, the Eye Gels have an instant cooling effect and after taking them off, fine lines under my eyes look smoother and plumped. I find that these are great to use in the morning before you apply your concealer- it just gives a smoother appearance.

This is how I look when I wear both of the masks! ;-)

And here is my before and after (after wearing both masks for 10 minutes- yes 5 are enough, but I thought I am gonna overdo it lol- no kidding- you can´t overdo it. It is OK to leave them on as long as you want!)

I don´t think that you can see a major improvement after using the masks for 10 minutes. It´s more that you can FEEL it. My lips look like the blood circulation got a nice kick. And I can see under my left eye (my "good eye") that the skin looks much better afterwards- but other than that I really don´t see much. You?

If you like to try these, check out the Patchology Wink & A Kiss Eye and Lip Gels Kit- it contains both masks (2 pairs each) for only $10!

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