I found this wonderful image on Pinterest of a vintage makeup kit from the 1930s by Max Factor. This was used by makeup students for film and theater. Isn´t it adorable? I thought I am gonna revamp this kit with items that are available today! Though our Makeup artists today probably have to carry multiple suitcases to get our celebrities makeup ready- this case was all that Max Factor needed to get Joan Crawford, Bette Davis or Jean Harlow movie-ready!

So, what´s inside the Max Factor Makeup kit?

1. The Max Factor Dry Rouge

In the 1930s blushes were red! Fun fact: In Germany we still use the term "rouge". Besame Cosmetics specializes in creating fabulous retro-inspired makeup (1938 Crimson is a great dupe/$18), (oh check out also my lipstick swatches of exact replicas) but they are often limited edition and sold out- therefore I found a similar blush by Sephora in "Oh My Gosh- red" ($14). What a cute name!

2. The Max Factor Face Powder

Here´s a (probably) similar one: the Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder ($6.99)! This could not be any closer to the original, because this powder is available since 1935! Wow!

3. The Max Factor Cold Cream

Not only was this used as a face primer- but also to remove your makeup! The Pond´s Cold Cream ($4.99) is as close as it gets- first produced in 1914 this is an old time classic moisturizer and facial cleanser!

4. Max Factor Lining in 5 colors

Can you believe that our ladies in the 1930s already had liquid eyeliners? The MAC Pro Longwear Fluidline ($18) is a revamped version of these. You get the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish.

5. A face powder puff

The Coty Airspun Loose Face powder already contains one! ;-)

6. Max Factor Grease Paint in 5 colors.

Oops- can you imagine to see the word "grease" today on a product? Doesn´t sound very appealing, right? Max Factor was the creator of grease paints - nobody has ever seen such amazing liquid colors. He would later produce 30 different colors. But what was it? You know, you could use these as a foundation, concealer but also as eyeshadows or contour color.

The IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer ($24) has actually a quite greasy consistency (though I doubt that IT Cosmetics would ever use the word greasy lol) and you can use this as a concealer or - thinly applied- as a foundation (maybe mixed with a moisturizer). To get rid of the greasiness, just apply a thin layer of a powder! ;-)

7. Three wooden sticks?

From the picture I believe these are just 3 wooden-sticks to apply the eye liner - I am wildly guessing. However since we are having here the revamped version and I don´t want you to scratch the liner on to your eyes with some piece of wood, I recommend using instead the Elf Small Smudge Brush ($3).

8. Eye pencil

Lastly the Max Factor Makeup kit contained also an eye pencil. I am assuming it was black- but I am not sure. I like Essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencils. Creamy and only $3 a pop!

What about Mascara?

This Max Factor Makeup kit does not contain any Mascara. Maybe they used the wooden sticks and the eyeliner as mascara? In the 1930s ladies used "cake-mascara". Besame ($25) makes one just like that. Not sure I am going to try this one as it seems messy- and that "toothbrush applicator" scares me- but I admit I am curious about it!

Isn´t it so interesting, how things changed - but then again- almost 100 years later some are still pretty similar? The world has changed like crazy since 1930- but the good old cold cream is still the same! ;-)

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