Love your Age: The Small-Step Solution to a Better, Longer, Happier Life! #LoveYourAge

Do you love your age? I hope so! I know it can be tough to get older. The strange thing is, that sometimes I look in the mirror, and I am surprised by what I see: that is me? You know what I mean? Like I am used to a younger me and I thought I still look like that! Cause I still feel exactly like that! What happened? ;-)

Well, I can´t deny it, my face is changing and -  no matter how good our skin care routine is and how good we protect our face from the sun- the lines will appear and yes, we age. But is that a reason to not love our age? I don´t think so and I also want to add that it has many advantages to get older! I think my biggest accomplishment is being able to say "No" to certain things. It can be so freeing and I only learned my lesson through my own mistakes of my life! It is true: we get wiser as we get older!

Now, if you don´t love your age (yet), here is a great read that I can highly recommend to you: "Love Your Age: The Small-Step Solution to a Better, Longer, Happier Life" by Barbara Hannah Grufferman.

There is literally nothing that you won´t find in this book- I almost want to call it "your encyclopedia for getting older". This book is filled with amazing tips from health (which check up is important at what age, which vaccines are recommended, about healthy eating habits, the importance of sleep but also of healthy teeth) and fitness (did you know that exercising can bring you an orgasm? Little fun fact from the book! ), skin care tips (including thoughts on Botox), style tips (from hair to makeup and also fashion) and also wonderful tips about work and relationships.

And the best part: there are absolutely no taboos in this book. No matter if it´s about hot flashes (literally everything you need to know about menopause), your sex life (another fun fact I learned from the book: women over 45 do NOT have trouble achieving an orgasm- now that is a relief! ), the importance of keeping your brain active (for example to avoid Alzheimer´s) but also how to tackle social media.

Like Barbara says:

"Instead of watching cat videos on Youtube, stream an online course or TED talk to feed your mind"!

Safe sex at every age!

This wonderful guide is genius and full of fabulous tips. Barbara covers truly everything you always wanted to know about aging gracefully and you won´t be able to put this book down! I highly recommend reading this for all the ladies over 40 (and beyond) that want to live a better, longer and happier life!

Like Barbara says in the book: "Don´t just read this book, use it!"

Get it on Amazon ($17.99)!

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