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Ever wondered, how Jennifer Lopez achieves her glowing skin? Which skin care brand does she use, and what do we actually mean by "glowing skin"? Well, according to Susan Ciminelli, a celebrity facialist and natural skincare expert in NYC, Jennifer credits her glowing skin to her Algae Deep Cleanse, the Marine Lotion and the Special Reserve Cream! So I tried the cleanser and the cream for 4 weeks to see, if I also get that "glow"! ;-)

The Algae Deep Cleanse ($65) is a natural exfoliant that feels very refreshing and cooling. It is important to note that this will not replace your cleanser! You will have to remove your makeup first. This is truly an extraordinary scrub that cleanses my skin pore-deep and reveals every single time super smooth and soft skin. I also love to use this in the morning in the shower!

Ingredients of the Algae Deep Cleanse

The Special Reserve ($200 y'all!!!) contains a unique blend of Seaweed extracts, lavender, neroli and mint- and gosh does this smell like heaven! I feel like sitting somewhere on a beautiful mountain grassland, surrounded by wild flowers when I smell this cream! This cream is not greasy- it is more like a lotion and moisturizes very well. It does not just sit on top of your skin, but deeply penetrates it.

Ingredients of the Special Reserve

What do we actually mean, when we say "glowing skin"? 

Well, here is the definition of "glow" according to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:

Wait? So we want to "shine or have a warm ruddy color"? Imagine a product would promise you, that your skin will "shine and give you a ruddy color"! Would you buy that? LOL!

Obviously Jennifer has that glow, but Jlo also rhymes with glow, which makes it even easier to connect the 2! ;-)

My verdict:

Well, back to Jlo´s skin care: of course I did not really expect to look like her after using these products, but I can tell you, that my skin feels (after using these for 4 weeks) super soft and very balanced. Is it shiny or ruddy? Well, no, the cream isn´t greasy and my skin does not get shiny. It feels well moisturized- just like I want it. And who wants shiny or ruddy skin, right? But I truly feel like I have glowing skin... glowing in the sense of: healthy, well hydrated skin! ;-)

But is it worth the high price tag? I am not sure about that, as we have really wonderful affordable skin care brands out there- but hey: if you CAN afford it, why not?

Go for it and shine to... perfection!

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