How Makeup has NOT changed through the years!

It is one of my hobbies to scroll through vintage ads on Pinterest! I love it so much! On a recent "scrolling-tour" I have noticed, how much makeup has NOT changed through the years and how many items we can buy today, that look just like much older versions! Isn´t it crazy, how similar some of the makeup items from above are? Makes me wonder if in fact I found the original inspiration for some of these!

I was super surprised to see that Revlon had already a makeup brush in 1966 that looks like the today (over-)hyped Artis brushes (read why I say overhyped)! What I also think is interesting is that Revlon- though always an affordable brand- used to look very fancy in the 50s and 60s! In fact: Guerlain´s packaging today looks like Revlon´s packaging used to look like. Well, today Revlon is still an affordable brand- but the packaging does not look appealing anymore at all. Quite the opposite: it looks cheap!

Benefit does not make it a secret that they are a retro-inspired brand and you can clearly see that, if you compare the popular benefit hoola bronzer with the "Pink-lightning" blush by Revlon from 1940.

Too Faced definitely pulls a lot of their ideas from old makeup packaging and they were also not the first brand to introduce us to a complete "peach range" of products- Avon did that already in the 80s! ;-) And doesn´t the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette look surprisingly similar to Max Factors "Petite Boutique" palette from 1965? Many of the powder jars by Too Faced look a lot like the Revlon "Love-pats" from the 50s and 60s.

With no doubt in my mind did Kat von D copy her studded lipstick tubes from older versions -such as Max Factor from 1947 and even the Kat von D lipstick color Adora (a metallic candy apple red) was already in the 40s a ladies favorite color.

Yardley produced in the 70s eye palettes that instantly reminded me on the em Michelle Phan palettes.

And the recently launched Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity lipsticks by hourglass were already a Revlon hit in the 60s (I think we had another comeback of slim lipsticks in the 80s- Maybelline I think?).

Rihanna´s new Fenty Beauty line includes "Match Sticks" that look oh so! similar to the Revlon Face Gleamer sticks from 1967.

And if Christian Dior did not copy the look for his blue 90s lipstick tubes from Hollywood from 1930... you can smack my ass and call me Sally! LOL!

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