Ever wanted to peek inside those gift bags that celebrities get at luxe events? Me too! Is it just samples, perfume or jewelry? And what is the total value of such a goodie bag? You are curious too? Well, good, because today I show you what the Golden Globes Gift bags in 2018 included! ;-)

Here you go:

1. Kate Spade On Purpose Studded Leather Tote ($328)

2. Caolin Triple Action Cleansing Stick ($25)

3. Karuna Renewal+ Eye Mask ($36)

4. Kosas Weightless Lip Color ($28)

5. L’Oréal Paris X Fiber Mascara ($11)

6. Murad Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence ($78)

7. Olaplex Hair Perfector ($28) (Funny! I just reviewed this stuff here!).

8. Olga Lorencin Red Carpet Facial in a Box ($109)

So this is a total value of $643! Not too bad, right? I can only imagine though, that some celebrities probably don´t care that much for the goodie bag- or even worse: might forget it at the event.

The Kate Spade Leather Tote is of course the highest value here- and I think it is really gorgeous- but can you imagine all the ladies walk around afterwards with the same bag? "Hey, did you get your bag at the Golden Globes too?". LOL!

This makes me really wonder: what do these celebrities do for example with the Kate Spade tote if they don´t like it? Sell it on ebay, give away to a friend, put in the closet and never use it? And how many Kate Spade bags were handed out at the Golden Globes? And it´s not that our biggest stars can´t afford to buy their own bags, right?

Do you think these celebrities get even excited about the goodie bags?

I think it is funny that in this mix of high-end products, that are mostly pretty expensive, is an $11 Mascara from Loreal!

What do you think of this goodie bag? A yay or a nay? I mean, I take it, but nobody invited me! ;-)

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