TOM FORD Cream Color for Eyes: a YAY or a NAY?

This tiny jar of .17 oz costs $46... but I really wanted to try some makeup from Tom Ford, as this brand seems to get really great reviews. I decided to try the TOM FORD Cream Color in Spice to see if it is worth its money! Let´s get into this little expensive jar, shall we?

Now .17 oz is really, really a tiny amount. But you know what? In 1 Million years, you won´t use up this little jar- even if you apply it every single day, because the good news about this is: it is so crazy pigmented, you need only the size of an ants head (sorry, I just can´t think of a way how to better describe the size you need lol).

The swatch looks actually beautiful! If only I could get it that even on my eyes!

No, but seriously: if you think you barely put product on your finger or brush, it is probably still too much. Use even less cream color than you imagine- because once you have too much color on your eyes, you won´t know where to go with all of these pigments and then you can start all over because you have to wipe it all away. 

BTW: have you ever tried the "Try on" function on the Sephora App? Hahaha! I did today with exactly this eyeshadow- but the quality of the photos really sucks! Also: this is not at all how the product looked in real on my eyes!

This is how the Tom Ford Cream Color looks on my eyes - according to the Sephora App.

Looks pretty smooth but the color is really off- almost more gray!

Me with the Tom Ford Cream Color for REAL on my eyes! ;-)
Ha! I look quite happy here, but read on to find out, if I am happy about the Tom Ford cream color! ;-)

But! Oh my! I tried it so many times, because I really wanted to love this! But the bad news is, I find it always is a hassle to work with. Not only is it difficult to dip into the jar without getting too much product, it requires so much effort to apply it evenly

Every single time I find it looks patchy and uneven. No matter, if I use an eye primer or not, or if I apply it with my bare finger or a brush: I have to spend countless minutes to try to smooth this out and make it look even. 

There! See how patchy it looks like?
And around 2-3 hours it also creases which makes it look even worse...

This took me an unbelievable amount of time! And it still looks patchy! See it?

I really don´t understand why so many girls love this product. I hate it. And therefor: Nope, I don´t think it is worth $46. In fact: I find the Maybelline Color Tattoos apply so much easier (and cost only $6.99 a pop- so you could get 6 Color Tattoos instead of 1 Tom Ford lol).

Maybe this product works for you, if you are in your 20s and don´t have any fine lines on your eyes or don´t have hooded eyes- I really dunno! For me it did not work!

Have you tried it?

Disclaimer: I bought this. Contains Affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.