Which Too Faced Chocolate Bar is the best?

I love chocolate! Inside my body, inside of my soul (after you put the chocolate into your body, it lands in your soul! LOL) and also on my face! ;-) So today I want to share with you, which of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes is my favorite. If you don´t own any of the Too Faced Chocolate Bars, then you might wonder, which is the best one to get?

I know that Too Faced also has other Chocolate Bars - but I don´t count them cause they ain´t looking chocolatey enough for me or are too small! Instead I am only comparing the original Too Faced Chocolate Bar, the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar and the recently released Chocolate Gold!

But first I´ll give you the right appetite! ;-)

OK, now let´s finally peek inside, shall we?

Below: the original Chocolate Bar on top, in the middle is the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar and lastly the Chocolate Gold.

Below we have the original Chocolate Bar. Yes, I am hitting pan on that Caramel color! My absolute favorite crease color of all times! I am also a huge fan of Marzipan (metallic champagne) and  Creme Brulee (metallic gold) as well as Hazelnut (metallic bronze) and semi-sweet (dark brown) as well as white chocolate (matte white). Basically the whole left part of the palette are my absolute go-to colors for everyday. 

I absolutely love this palette- even though I barely ever reach for the right side of it, that contains more purple tones. And the light pink color (Strawberry bon bon) is definitely a huge fail: chalky and not pigmented.

And still: I love this original Too Faced Chocolate Bar so much! (Note: The newer edition has the names of the eyeshadow colors printed inside of the palette. Mama has the old version!)
The original Chocolate Bar
Here are the swatches. I feel like the swatches don´t do the palette justice though, cause it all looks like the same colors- but I dunno: it´s just exactly the kind of colors that I love! Nude browns, taupes and a couple of light shimmers! That´s all momma wants and needs over here! Oh and the chocolate smell definitely lures me into using the palette even more!

Original Chocolate Bar Swatches
OK- Let´s talk about the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar. I already compared that one to the original Chocolate Bar in this post and even did a crazy-nut photoshop to show you just how similar both palettes are. This one has instead of the ugly chalky pink a beautiful duo-chromatic turquoise. I find the palettes are pretty much exchangeable. Personally I reach more to the original Chocolate Bar, because the colors are a little lighter and look more natural.

So the Semi-Sweet is somehow deeper and richer toned than the original chocolate bar. The "Peanut butter" color is also more intense than the "Caramel" of the Original- and the same goes for all the colors: the brown is deeper, the taupe more grey- you get it: it´s like the original palette got dunked into 1-2 shades deeper tones (and they added the turquoise)! 

And here comes the recently released Chocolate Gold! This one is really different from its younger sisters, as it contains mainly metallic (super pigmented) colors and also a wide array of really bright colors. But it also still contains all the mattes that you need for a look (matte black, brown, white and also terracotta).

So, which one is my favorite? I know, I know from the swatches it probably looks the most boring- however, it still is after 3 years one of my absolute favorite palettes: the ORIGINAL CHOCOLATE BAR! I just really love a natural eye look and this one is fool proof for me and I love it!

Look- obviously which one you should get depends greatly on your personal preference- I can´t make you have the same taste like I do- so I think you have to go and check which swatches make you (and your eyes the most happy).

The Original Chocolate Bar is my personal winner, because I find the colors the most flattering on a daily basis- I love that it contains matte and shimmery colors and no matter what colors you use- they will always work flawless together. You don´t have to be a makeup pro to use these eyeshadows. However: if you are little braver than me, then maybe these colors are a little too plain for you?

The Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar is very, very similar to the original one. Instead of the ugly pink it offers a gorgeous turqoise and all the colors apply somehow more pigmented and are deeper than in the original palette. If you are tan or darker- this might be a better, more pigmented option for you! Overall though I find the original and the Semi-Sweet are super similar. You don´t really need to have both of them.

The Chocolate Gold is amazing if you love bolder and more creative eye-looks. It has this huge array of metallics and brighter colors- yet they are still not too crazy and will still be in the neutral array of colors. I think this is a beautiful palette for special occasions or events. 

So, there you go! My favorite is still the original Chocolate Bar! I also love that Too Faced has never marked the price up (as Urban Decay did multiple times with their Naked palettes over the years!). The Chocolate Bars are all still $49 each! ;-)

Which one is your favorite?

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