"How to be an OVERNIGHT SUCCESS" by Maria Hatzistefanis

Do you want to know, "how to be an overnight success"? Then I recommend to read Maria Hatzistefanis new book with exactly that title. However: I have to disappoint you, because in brutal honesty, Maria will clarify almost immediately in her book, that no: she did not became a success overnight! While it might seem sometimes, that there is such thing as "becoming popular or successful overnight", if you look  a little closer, you will find out -in most instances- that there were years of preparing in advance, we just did not know about that! 

It seems like she has it all: Maria Hatzistefanis is the founder of Rodial (a luxurious skin care line available at Saks Fifth Avenue and Space NK) and Nip+Fab (the more affordable skin care line available at CVS or Ulta), she is gorgeous and Instagram famous (1 Million followers!!!) and it might seem like she was an overnight success!

There she is with Sofia Richie!

But nothing further from the truth! 

Maria writes in her book: 

"We are in 2017. I started the business in 1999. 
It took me 18 years to become an overnight success".

You have to read her impressive ambitions to make Rodial a success! It took her many years to make Rodial the luxurious brand that it is today (today Rodial is available in 20,000 stores worldwide!). 

I am absolutely loving all her honest insights, that she is giving in her book. And she was so creative and innovative too with her ideas on how to make Rodial a success! One idea was to create the "Rodial Beautiful Awards" which were given to celebrities. This was such a smart marketing strategy! This way the press was taking photos of the celebrities in combination with Rodial products! 

You will find out in her book, that Maria is far from being big headed and she explains in detail, how certain coincidences helped her here and there as well in reaching her goal of making Rodial a success, for example how Kylie Jenner became a brand ambassador. A cool story that you have to read for yourself! 

 The Nip Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads are one of her bestsellers!

Maria admits also, that it was easier to create Nip + Fab later on, because at the time her brand Rodial was already established and she was well known in the beauty industry. The little story, how she created the name of the brand Nip + Fab is funny too, because I never associated it with the words Nip & Tuck! It makes all sense now! ;-)

I love also her little stories how she got into Twitter and later also Instagram! 

And I couldn´t agree more on her take on Snapchat, is 

"It just a way of teens to exchange nude selfies?"

Haha! The strange thing about Snapchat is, that everything gets deleted after 24 hours, so I quit it early on too. Why put effort into this, when it gets deleted so quick? I´m out, just like Maria!

The book is a mixture of Maria telling her own story and how hard she worked to make Rodial a success, without actually being from the beauty industry, but out of pure desire and love for the beauty industry, and tips how you can also have success, if you are an entrepreneur yourself.

I read the complete book within 3 days, because I was so super intrigued with her story, it is an easy read and even if you don´t care how to become "an overnight success", it is a great auto-biography of a young greek girl that moved to New York to create Rodial in a little spare room (according to "Owler" Rodial has today 60 employees and an estimated annual revenue of $3.1M.) Wow! Keep up the good work, Maria!

Pre-order her book on Amazon! (will be released on February 27, 2018).

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