ALPCARE Vitamin C Serum with pure glacier water from the Swiss Alps!

Wow! You read that right! A Vitamin C serum with pure glacier water from the Swiss Alps! Now isn´t that fancy? But that is not the only fancy thing about this serum! Check out the unique tube! Now, I admit, this tube confused me totally at first!

Why? Because I had absolutely no clue, on how to open this up! I even gave the tube to my husband, but even together we couldn´t figure it out! Was this just a gimmicky packaging or could I really open up the tip to get the product out? Did I need scissors to open this up? I wish they would have just included a little manual on how to open this up...

So, I asked the company and then they referred to this video, which I highly recommend to watch, if you purchase this Vitamin C serum, so you know how to open this tube up the correct way! No worries: this video is only a couple of seconds long! ;-)

Finally I knew how to open this up! Haha! What a relief.

And why is this tube designed like this? So the Vitamin C stays fresh! The stabilized vitamin C is stored separately in the tube! When you press the button to release the Vitamin C into the pure glacier water (from the Swiss Alps!) the serum will be pure and fresh for best effect!

And you know why I preach since years to use Vitamin C? Not? Well, here it goes again: because it will help you to get rid of those dark spots to achieve an even skin tone. I absolutely swear by it and use a Vitamin C serum every single morning (since now probably 3 years and all brown spots are gone! Yippee!).

Besides stabilized Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) this product also contains plumping Hyaluronic acid and the wonderful anti-aging antioxidants Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) and Vitamin E (Tocopherol).

Alpcare Vitamin C serum complete list of ingredients

The product itself is a thin watery solution, so you won´t have a problem that it interferes with the rest of your skin care routine or makeup application. You definitely need to put another moisturizer on top of this serum, as it isn´t very hydrating (which is absolutely normal for a Vitamin C serum).

I really like the fragrance- it smells like a fresh perfume- however if you have sensitive skin this might irritate your skin.

This Vitamin C serum is pretty cool, because you are the one that activates it, when you open it up- so it stays fresh. If you use it every morning, this product will last for about 20 days. I personally recommend using this every morning and save yourself to use it at night, because Vitamin C is more active during the day (the sun light activates it).

Oh, BTW: this serum is made in France- another fancy thing! ;-)

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