I admit: I don´t get often excited anymore for a new eyeshadow palette. I am already overwhelmed with my makeup collection and find I have every single eyeshadow shade that exists! LOL! But when I saw the new release of the Too Faced Chocolate Gold, I immediately had the urge to buy it! And that even though I am not that big into metallics. Double LOL! I have this palette now since 10 days and I have used it every single day and will tell you today my thoughts on this, have swatches up for you and also show you 4 makeup looks that I created! Let´s dig into the Gold! ;-)

I do also admit, that I completely fell for the packaging! How that liquid gold is poured onto the chocolate bar- it totally got my attention! I do also own the first Chocolate Bar and the second (the Semi-Sweet) Chocolate bar. The first one is my absolute favorite palette of all palettes I own. But somehow it felt like that I have to complete my chocolate bar collection- while I did not care at all for the tiny versions that Too Faced recently released- this one needed to be with its sisters! Right? 

This one also smells like chocolate like its older sisters, however I find that the scent is somewhat more diluted and not that strong.

OK! Let´s open this gorgeous palette up, shall we?

Ahhhhhhhh! How gorgeous can it get? So many metallics! 12 to be exact! Ranging from golds, to silvers and bronze colors- and as a pop of color you have 2 greens and 3 purples to choose from! And check out the fun names! From "Rich girl" to "Famous" or "Holla for a Dolla"! FUN!

Let´s swatch this thing!


Let´s see the first row up close!

Second row up close!

Third row up close!

My overall thoughts: 

I am loving all the golden and bronze and silver shades. I appreciate very much that the palette also contains matte colors, such as a deep black, a gorgeous medium brown and a taupe (both perfect crease colors!) and the big highlighter "Rollin in dough" has a beautiful sheen to it and is a must in almost all my makeup looks.

What surprises me so much, is that these metallics have no fallout when applying! They are super pigmented and yes: you can use your makeup brush! Usually I feel the need to use my finger to apply metallics- not so with these! I am really not into loose pigments- too much work and a hassle- so this is such a great palette with a variety of metallics that I personally would wear. 

OK: I am not really the person who wears too crazy colors on my eyes- so these colors are definetely more of the neutral versions of metallics with the exception of the bright neon pink probably. But that is also exactly what I expected from Too Faced with this third Chocolate Bar! Staying in the neutral range, but still providing something new to the old chocolate bars with all the metallics.

While I experienced no fall-out with these metallics while applying, I noticed with the darker metallics (Money bags, Holla for a dolla and livin lavish: the 2 green colors and the dark purple) when I wore them on my lower lash-line that they would after a couple of hours of wear transfer into my under-eye concealer, which wasn´t very pretty. I avoid wearing these darker colors now on my lower lash line- haven´t had a problem when applied on my upper lid- maybe cause the primer would make it better stick? I guess I could try putting an eye primer on my lower lash-line! ;-)

Alrighty, here are 4 makeup looks that I created with the Chocolate Gold palette! I have never figured out how to do a good looking macro shot of my eyes- sorry for that lol. But you really don´t want to see my crepey eyes up close. Haha! 

Makeup look 1 is full of "Love & Cocoa" & "Old Money"!

"Love & Cocoa" in my crease and on my lower lash-line. "Old Money" all over my lid. "Chocolate Gold" as liner on upper lid and in the middle part of lower lash-line. "Cocoa truffle" in my outer V, "Rollin in dough" on my inner tear-duct and under my brow bone.

Makeup look 2 is "Classy & Sassy" and really "So boujee"!

"Classy & Sassy" all over my lid, "So boujee" in my crease, "Cocoa truffle" in my outer V, "Holla for a dolla" on my lower lash-line, "Rollin in dough on my inner tear duct and under my brow bone.f

Makeup look 3 is pretty "Decadent" and "Gold Dipped"!

"Gold dipped" all over my lid and on my inner tear-duct and under brow-bone, "Decadent" on  lower lash-line and outer V and "So boujee" in my crease.

Makeup look 4 is for the "Rich girl"! ;-)

"Famous" all over my lid, "Cocoa truffle" in my crease and lower lash-line, "Rich Girl" on my inner tear-duct, "Rollin in dough" under my brow-bone.

So, do you need the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette? If you like "neutral metallics" but hate the hassle of loose pigments and fall-out, this one is certainly for you! If you like really bright rainbow colors, maybe this palette isn´t colorful enough for you. ;-)

Get it for $49 at Ulta, Sephora, Macy´s 

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