philosophy Amazing Grace Eau de Toilette Gift

2 weeks ago I bought myself a little early Christmas gift! Because I deserve it! ;-) The philosophy Amazing Grace Eau de Toilette set! It contains the Eau de Toilette, shower gel and body lotion. And what do I see today? It is ON SALE at Ulta for only $39.90, so I thought I´d better share this amazing deal with you, cause momma over here paid $57! Haha!

Of course this is also an (literally) AMAZING Christmas gift to give away, but this one is mine to keep! I love clean and powdery scents and Amazing Grace is exactly that, with its beautiful combination of bergamot, muguet blossoms and musk! I also love that the scent lingers throughout the day and doesn´t vanish within an hour like many eau de toilettes do. But it still is never overpowering or too sweet (which I am totally not into sweet scents at all).

In the end, it all comes down to one word: grace! ;-)

Anyway, it is a great deal, get it now for only $39.90 at Ulta or $40 at Sephora!

BTW: until 12-24 ALL philosophy products are 30% priced down at Ulta! Great time to pick up your favorites!

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