Since I live across from a Charming Charlie store, I am constantly in there! I just did this amazing haul of really festive jewelry, that I like to show you and maybe this gives you ideas for some needed stocking stuffers- all around $15 or below!

Here is all I got! My main focus were bracelets and earrings because I always wear those. I literally bought a new bracelet stand to put all my new bracelets on! LOL!

Here are my new bracelets up close! It looks like a whole bunch, but on the pic below it is only 3 bracelet sets! ;-)

Picture above from left to right:

Picture above from left to right:

Metallic Bauble Drop Earrings ON SALE $8

Wow, the earrings seem all to have sold out already- sorry for that. But anyway: if you are still looking for a little gift for your mom, sister, ant or grandma or simply YOURSELF! - maybe hop into a Charming Charlie to try your luck! I always find something cute in there! ;-)

Did anything spike your interest?

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