This is THE PERFECT red lipstick for everyone! With its blue under-tones it also helps to make our teeth look more white (even if they ain´t!). The perfect red lipstick has a velvety semi-matte finish and - most importantly: the most richest true red. And guess what: it is only $5.99. ;-)

Ha Ha ha! That is right!

And because red lipsticks can be tricky, you better get the perfect - exact match- of a lip pencil too. And guess what? That one costs $1.99!

Wohoo! So, a total of $7.98 will give you the most gorgeous, super flattering (for any skin tone) Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefanie or Penelope Cruz red!

And what is it? It is the Nyx Matte lipstick in the color- you´ll never guess it- PERFECT RED! YEP. And you need the Essence lip liner in "Femme Fatale". Done.

Truly, this is the perfect red lipstick combo! ;-)

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