2 weeks ago I stumbled on a YouTube video from Michelle Phan. It was in my "recommendations" and the title was "Why I left". I admit, I had no clue Michelle Phan was no longer active on YouTube. I was never a subscriber of hers either. What I knew was: she was/is one of the most successful beauty gurus on YouTube. I guess, its our age difference, why I was not really interested in her videos. However, the title of this video intrigued me and so I started to watch it, to find out what happened to Michelle Phan.

You should definitely watch the video yourself. Michelle is brutally honest in telling her story. I believe she is using her own voice- however: you won´t see herself in the video at all. Her story is told with cute little drawings. 

Did you see it? Did you have tears in your eyes? I did! 

Michelle tells us, how she started 10 years ago to create makeup tutorials to help other women to feel pretty. Later, when she became more successful, she had to move from Florida (I did not know she lived in Florida!) to California and leave her family back. She reveals how lonely she felt and that she thought she has to work even harder to compensate for that. She also admits, that money changed her and she did not feel like herself anymore. 

All the while she got more and more successful, signing contracts with Loreal for her em Michelle Phan beauty line or ipsy. But she also tells us about lawsuits she had to face, which pulled her down. So, one day she decided, she does not want to live like that anymore and that money alone does not make her happy. She moved (a couple month ago) to Switzerland to find herself. 

Thank you, Michelle, for being so honest with us and telling your story! I hope that you will find your strengths and happiness soon back!