Remember how I told you last week here, that I ordered the Victoria Beckham Eye Foil in Blonde Gold? Well, only 2 days later it arrived and I will tell you today, if I love it or not! 

Of course the packaging looks super elegant! At first sight it might seem like there isn´t a lot of product inside (0.12 oz), especially since this tiny jar cost me $40! But, once you have tried it, you will see that a tiny, and I mean T I N Y amount really is enough to cover your lid. In fact, I don´t think this jar will ever go empty! 

The color looks actually white-silver in the jar- but once applied on the skin, it turns into a gorgeous gold color. I really despise loose glitters for the mess and I don´t like the hassle of applying glitter glue and such- and I tell you: this eye foil applies SO EASY! No extra step, no hassling around with falling out glitter pieces that enhance the wrinkles of your under-eyes (I mean MY wrinkly under- eyes lol). 

You have enough time to blend this in, but don´t go too slow either lol. I say: you gotta be finished under 1 minute. I tried to apply it with a brush, but find that the gold old finger still works best. I pat it gently on my lid and it is dry after around 1 minute. It does not transfer into my crease (though I used the Urban Decay primer potion because I have very oily lids) and most importantly: it feels very comfortable! You won´t feel it at all. All day long it stays put and brings me some holiday-sparkle without any discomfort or stiff feeling. ;-)

at first it looks silver, but after 1-2 minute it turns gold!
This is like molten metal shine. Never was it easier to apply glitter on your eyes! It literally  creates a brilliant vinyl-like finish, even after it is dry. Sparkling pearls look like flecks of gold for a liquid-metal effect! WOW!

I created 2 makeup looks with it: 

On my lips: Lancome Labsolu Rouge in Berry Noir , My top: belldini

On this pic I am wearing the blonde gold eye foil just on my lids, in my crease: peanut butter from the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar!
On my lips: Lancome Labsolu Rouge Secrete , My Earrings: Sugarfix by baublebar

Here I wear the eye foil again right on my lids and just put a little Mousse from the Semi-Sweet Chocolate bar int o my crease.

Gotta say: loving this one and I am ready to order the other eye foil in burnt Anise as well! 

Yes, it is THAT good! ;-)

Are you going to pick one up?

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