Today I have my Retin-A skin care routine for women over 40 up for you. You can also check out my morning skin care routine, but I find the evening even more important, as our skin really works at night and it is so important what we apply to help that process! I also use since a couple month Retin-A and I am so happy about the results! Makes probably the biggest difference of all anti-aging products.

So, let´s start that routine! FYI: I have combination skin: oily t-zone, but very dry around my eyes. I don´t have sensitive skin!

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1. Cleanse my face

I like many cleansers and the one I am using currently is the Murad Essential C Cleanser. It contains Vitamin C and really deep cleanses my face. I also love the Ole Henriksen Clean Truth (smells like oranges!), I have bought many times the wonderful foaming and fragrance free (therefore also suitable for sensitive skin) Paula´s Choice Resist

Now if I wear "hardcore" makeup, meaning waterproof mascara and liquid eyeliners and such, I find the Pixi Double Cleanse works best. It contains a solid cleansing oil as well as a cleansing cream (you know like those cold creams?). This works wonders to melt of any makeup!

2. Tone my face

I use at the moment the Rodial dragons´blood cleansing water that feels very refreshing and get´s rid of the tiniest traces of makeup or gunk that I still might have on my face. I also love the Pixi Glow Tonic that contains 5 % Glycolic Acid and the Derma e Radiance Toner which also contains Glycolic Acid.

3. Retin-A/Retinol

I always make sure that my face is completely dry, because if the toner is still a little wet on my skin, the Retin-A applies awkward. I spread it out on my face with special attention to my problem areas (such as my forehead, between my eyes, the labial folds and under my eyes AND ALSO MY DARN NECK!). Not only have I see in the couple month of using this a major improvement of getting rid of fine lines, I also noticed that most of my milia bumps (you know those weird white little bumps under your eyes?) almost completely vanished! YAY to that! 

Check out this post if you like to know how to buy Retin-A without a prescription! ;-)

I sometimes skip Retin-A when I feel like my skin is already over-exfoliated or looks red. Sometimes I apply then nothing, and on some nights I apply a little Retinol. I always "investigate" my face and try to see what it needs. 

4. Frownies

Every single night- since almost 4 years- I sleep with one little frownie (a little paper triangle) in the middle of my eyes to stop that frowning I do at night. I have seen major progress. 4 years ago my frown line was so deep, I was joking around that I could hide something inside! ;-)

5. Zapzyt

If I have a giant zit- you know the time of the month around for example- I apply Zapzyt. That stuff is amazing! Dries it out within 1-2 days with 10 % Benzoyl Peroxide. But be careful! I ruined some sheets because it bleaches fabric!

6. PMD Personal Microderm

 I am currently using once a week the PMD on my neck area. I am trying to get rid of the lines there that life brought me! ;-) It is NOT recommended to use Retin-A (or Retinol) with the PMD. But I still do. My neck is strong, the skin very thick and I don´t get any irritations. I will keep you updated on the progress!

One last word about moisturizers:

So, there you have my anti-aging skin care routine I do at night- did you notice: I don´t use a moisturizer? That is because I have already an oily face and don´t see the need! ;-)

Also: have you heard about Dr. Obagi's theory, that our skin gets lazy when we apply moisturizers? He is not an advocate of moisturizers, claiming that they can actually accelerate the aging process. Interesting, hm?

As always: there is not one rule that goes for everybody. Do what you think is best for your skin. I can say for myself (but you know I am oily), that my skin feels very nice WITHOUT any moisturizers on my face! (Now my body is a complete different story! I NEEEEED body lotions!!!) ;-)

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