PMD Personal Microderm at-home device!

You know (if you are a long time reader), that I love to do everything myself, at the convenience of my own home: I cut my own hair, dye my hair, do my nails, to do my own professional microdermabrasion at home, feels just naturally to me and this is exactly what the PMD Personal Microderm device promises. This saves money, time and I don't have to do unnecessary small-talk! Hehe! But what exactly is Microdermabrasion?

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a procedure that uses suction and exfoliation to remove the outermost layer of dead skin.  By removing this top layer, fresh, younger looking skin is produced in its place. Yes please!

What does the PMD do?

The Personal Microderm is an at-home tool that promises to bring you the same results as professional microdermabrasion treatments.  The Personal Microderm exfoliation happens through little aluminum oxide crystals that gently remove the top layer of dull, dead skin. The vacuum suction should also help to stimulate, activate, and rejuvenate the skin. 

What are the little discs made of?

The PMD Classic includes discs with different strength: grey is for very sensitive skin, blue for sensitive skin and green is for moderate use (normal skin). You also get a white disc that is for "practice purposes" only- just so you get a feel of how this device works. The smaller discs are for your face and the bigger ones are for your body.

Each patented disc is hand dipped in Aluminum Oxide crystals. Aluminum Oxide is the same material that is used for microdermabrasion in many doctor’s offices. It is completely safe, innocuous, and non-toxic. It does not cause adverse skin reactions and is not carcinogenic. Because of this, Aluminum Oxide crystals are ideal for microdermabrasion and are the most popular choice of professionals.

From left to right: the white disc is a practice disc. The grey ones are for very sensitive skin, the blue ones are for sensitive skin and the green ones are for moderate use (normal skin). 

This is the smaller disc for the face

This is the bigger disc for the use on your body

How often do you use the PMD?

It is recommended to use it once a week- no more! 

Who should not use it?

Anyone using chemical peels or products containing acids including hydroxy acids, malic acid, lactic acid AND/OR retinoids or Retin-A ingredients, must not use the Personal Microderm  at the same time! This may cause skin to be too sensitive and use of the Personal Microderm is not recommended. Before it is safe to use the Personal Microderm, you must discontinue use of these products for at least seven days. Consult your doctor or dermatologist if you are unsure that the Personal Microderm is suitable for your skin.

Putting the PMD to the test!

So, I am planning on using the PMD now for 4 weeks, once a week and I made today a "before" picture, to see, if I am making any progress. Skin concern areas are: uneven, blotchy skin areas, especially on my lower cheeks, but also on my forehead. I am also hoping that my enlarged pores (right and left of my nose and on my forehead as well as on my chin) might improve.

I am also wondering, if I can use the PMD on my neck wrinkles- I will ask about this and let you know. I talk to you in 4 weeks again about my progress with the PMD!

Did I made you curious about using PMD yourself? I hope so!

The PMD Classic retails for $159. Get it here!

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