Today I wanted to show you, how to conceal frown lines (also called: glabella lines, or 11´s). That line between my eyebrows is probably the biggest anti-aging concern, that I have currently (I am sure there is more to come lol). So, let me show you how to conceal that ugly thing! ;-)

Alright, we have to remember why those wrinkles look so mean: it is the shadow it creates! Because it is the same skin that you have on the rest of your face but looks much darker. So, we need a concealer that is light reflecting to trick the eye out of the shadow! ;-) Also: go at least 1-2 shades lighter than you would if you conceal blemishes or other things on your face.

Watch it on YouTube!


1. I like to use the No 7 Radiant Glow Concealer (great dupe for the YSL Touché Éclat All-Over Brightening Concealer Pen) because it is light reflecting and the included brush applicator makes it easy to get into that wrinkle. Also: it is not too dewy and not too matte and looks very natural and also doesn´t crease too bad. (I use it in the color 10).

2. I create a line right into my frown line (I have only 1- do it in both lines if you have 11´s!)

3. Here you see the line I created. I let this dry without blending for 1 minute.

4. Then I go ahead and take again the Boots No 7 Radiant Glow concealer and go side-ways into the direction where it still looks dark. This can be different for everyone. Really look at your frown lines and where you see any darkness left and apply concealer. Don´t go too heavy with the product though and only use as much as needed. We don´t want it too look heavy or cakey!

5. That is how it looks after my "side-strokes".

6. Now it is time for blending. I use first my finger because the warmth makes it blend easier. Then I perfect it with a mini beauty blender. I try not to blend out much, but keep as much product inside of the wrinkle as possible!

7. Set this thing with powder. I use currently the Physicians Formula Argan Oil powder, because I like that the middle part is almost white. This is very light reflecting. Also: it smells very good! ;-)

8. With the Real Techniques setting brush I literally dip only 1-2 times into the powder and then super softly set the concealer. Don´t use too much product so it does not look drying!

READY! ;-)

While the frown lines will of course not be gone- the result looks much better and softer. My frown line looks less harsh and less pronounced and I can live with that!

Have a good tip or trick to conceal frown lines too? Let me know! I am curious!!!

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