This is nothing new: we see photoshop all around us. Those magazine covers: photoshopped, magazine ads: photoshopped. Fat gets tugged away, wrinkles blurred out...even YouTubers reach for filters to get that pore free face...but when a makeup artist uses photoshop to present his/her effectiveness of a that finally going too far? When is enough enough?

I was pretty surprised to see in May 2017 a video on Charlotte Tilbury´s Instagram account, where a model applied the Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask and you could clearly see, how the video was photoshopped, because the job was done so badly, that even the fingertips of the model were blurred and smoothed away! 

And I wasn´t the only one outraged by this. Obviously many of her followers saw this (she has more than 1.5 Mio Followers after all!). So many were angry and showed it with their comments on that Instagram post. 

Charlotte Tilbury´s Instagram account with more than 1.5m followers

Well, what do you know? Around 2-3 days later that video got deleted and with it: all the comments and the proof that this actually happened....

or so you might think! NO! I downloaded that video for the world to see! ;-)

So, please see it for yourself! ;-)

Did you see it? Blurred finger tips? Oh geez!

What I find so strange about the whole photoshop situation is also: the product used in the video is not a blurring makeup primer or an instant wrinkle remover- no! It is a self tanning product that you should use overnight to achieve a glow! Neither does the product claim to have any instant results, nor does anyone expect any kind of instant results from a self-tanner, right? 

The before and after photos for the Overnight mask are also funny, as clearly the model is wearing in the after picture more than just a self-tanner! ;-)

So why the photoshop that implies immediate glowing results? I have no clue! You tell me! I just know, that I am super annoyed that this is happening. I do not believe that Charlotte Tilbury herself has anything to do with it- I mean, I can not imagine her sitting in front of a video editing program and doing this awful job herself (and if she could: actually kudos to her because I would not know how to do this blurring effect lmao)- but who knows. In the end this should not be happening in a professional and honest company, or what do you think?

Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask Review

For the heck of it, I ordered myself a sample (on ebay for $2.99 lol) of the in this video advertised product : the Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask- just to see if it blurs my finger tips away as well- ah I mean to test, if at least the product itself performs well! 

My sample that I got on ebay! ;-)

Here are my thoughts:


  • lightly and pleasant scented- not overwhelming
  • does also not change later into a weird "self-tanner" scent
  • feels initially like a light lotion


  • expensive for a self-tanner ($55)
  • I did not really see a change in my tan after one use
  • after 1 hour the lotion felt heavy and greasy on me (but I am an oily girl)

Here is a before and after pic- do you see a tan or glow? I feel like I have more glow in the before picture- lol! But that could also be the lighting.

Overall I am not the biggest fan of self-tanners- I rather exfoliate my skin and lighten it to get an even skin tone. I use a Vitamin C serum in the morning and a Retin-A product (or Retinol) at night- so a self-tanner is pretty counter-productive to use. 

If you love self- tanners, maybe this is the product for you, as it smells pleasant and if you don´t have oily skin, you might like the moisturizing effect too- just keep in mind that it is pricey and does not do any magic. You probably have to use it 2-3 times to see a tanning effect.

Also: this is certainly not a mask- the name is confusing. It is simply a self-tanner and no- more. ;-)

What do you think of this photoshop video?