This post today will be a little different than usual, as I thought I tell you a little about why I recently moved from Florida to Georgia, and I have also a fun Giveaway included that is great for some #SummerEntertaining

I think it is so funny that, whenever I tell my Georgia gals that my reason to move from Florida to Georgia is the weather, I get to hear: "Oh it gets hot here in Georgia too!". Well, I live here now since July 1st, and let me tell you this: while it can get hot at times (currently is such a time), it first of all cools down at night (I´ve seen now 70s or even 60s!), which is such a relief (it never cools down at night during summer in Florida)- but it also isn´t hot for more than 6 month like it is in Florida

Also: people here in Georgia complain about the humidity. LOL! After living 12 years in Florida I can tell you, that this is NOTHING compared to the humidity in Florida! I don´t even care for the actual temperature anymore- since the only thing that really matters is the temperature how it "feels like". 

Check it for yourself: in Florida it feels during summer always 10 degrees hotter than it is because of the humidity! And here in Georgia the "feels like" temperature is maybe sometimes like 5 degrees higher. It also NEVER gets under 90 degrees for many month during summer in Florida- while I had now since July many days at times in the 70s. 

So let´s say the average temperature in Florida during summer is 90 but it feels like 100. and the average temperature in Georgia during summer is 83 and it feels at times like 87. That is 100 degrees vs 87. Major difference! Right? ;-)

Really, really- take this from someone that lived 12 years in Florida: the weather in Georgia feels for me much more pleasant than in Florida. So yes: I stick to it: the weather is one of the main reasons! And I miss the seasons, as we never had any fall or spring in Florida!!! (Though I am scared a little of the winter lol). Another reason is, that we absolutely love hiking in the mountains and all the gorgeous water falls here! 

I could certainly not do -in the middle of August and around noon- a little picnic in Florida! But that is what we (the old hubs and me) did yesterday! Girl, that was one romantic picnic we had there by the lake! Wine, cheese, grapes, salad, chips, salami and temps in the beginning 80s. It was lovely!


See that fabulous cheeseboard and the adorable cheese knives? They are yours to win! ;-)

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