I was at Cosmoprof 2017 in Las Vegas for 3 days and thought I´d share a couple of impressions of the best booths and best new beauty brands with you! Cosmoprof is a Cosmetics Trade Show only for professionals (not open to public), but I was invited as blogger/press. I also got to meet a lot of wonderful other beauty bloggers!

One of the prettiest booth was definitely the ittse booth! I loved the adorable and playful boutique design and the color selection of their eye-shadows, blushes and highlighters was huge! Gretchen- the founder was also adorable! I met at this booth also Stephanie (from who is just such a darling!

with Stephanie (

Another booth that I thought was looking gorgeous was eva nyc! A cruelty free hair care brand (everything smells sooo good!) that I will try out soon and tell you about!

A makeup brand that impressed me was Emani Cosmetics! Not only are they of course cruelty free, but also vegan! The blushes and bronzers: SO GORGEOUS AND THEY ARE ALL HANDPRESSED IN CALIFORNIA! I will soon tell you more about them!

See that blush? GORGEOUS!!!

I also enjoyed meeting with this wonderful new brand: Organic to green (pic below)! Everything smelled so good "spa-like" and I am excited to try it all out and tell you more about it.

I haven´t heard about Manna Kadar Cosmetics yet, but thought the packaging was soo adorable and the colors all screamed my name: soft and romantic. I am happy to share soon my thoughts on the Paris Dream Palette with you (the one with the eiffel tower on the second pic below!)

I wanted to check out bellapierre´s booth, as I haven´t tried anything yet, but knew that they are a cruelty free brand. You girls! I have to tell you this little story: So I am going to the booth and am trying to introduce myself, but was immediately welcomed with a "I know you!" scream- lol! I thought that she must be mistaken me for somebody else- but she kept insisting, that she saw a YouTube video of me and went into details, that it was about the hourglass packaging and parabens...LOL! Yes that was really me! Here is the video she meant. How funny to get recognized for a YouTube video, right? And a funny video that is lmao!!!

Anyway: super excited to try some goodies by bellapierre! The eye palette looks simply LIKE MADE FOR ME! (second pic below). I was super impressed by the ingredients lists of their pigments: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron oxides. BAM! THAT´S IT! No unnecessary stuff in here!

bellapierre 12 Color Pro Natural Eye Palette

The Defineme booth looked also absolutely adorable and the fragrances smelled delicious! "Audrey" was my favorite: fresh and clean and very elegant.

I was also able to meet with Laritzy- a cruelty free Canadian makeup brand and I am trying currently a couple of lippies by them!

Laritzy eye palette

Another interesting company: MUD Make-up designory. They are known as a makeup school that provides training every year to hundreds of students from around the world to work in fashion, film, and television and now introduced us to this new makeup line.

Last row, third color: Firebrick! I gotta try!!!
Another brand worth mentioning: Harcourt Studio Paris. You know that I am totally obsessed with Retro looks and this display definitely grabbed my attention! Brigitte Bardot and all that! This line concentrates on the eyebrows since that was a major part of beauty back in the days, when we had no digital cameras. I was told, how different it used to be with the old cameras- there was not much time to get the photo perfect, so the makeup had to be perfect the first time they shoot and the eyes were definitely the main focus- so that is why this line is concentrating very much on the brows and eyes.

I got to also try out the Dafni brush to straighten my hair. Check out the impressive before and after photos! This took less than 10 minutes! 

DAFNI straightening brush before/ after

Have you heard about Olaplex? It is supposed to repair and fix all the damage that hair coloring is causing and can even be directly mixed with the hair color to get your hair smooth and soft. I was so happy to see their booth at Cosmoprof, but so sad when I realized that the Olaplex No 1 is only available for professionals (hair salons etc). I am anyway very excited to try the No 3- a diluted version of the No 1.

And here comes another story: when I came to the booth of "Frenchies",  I was approached by a guy who asked, if he could "touch my hair". I said "yes" and so he did this with my hair & the Frenchies pins (pic below).

Pretty, right? Thing was: I thought the whole time that he is working for "Frenchies", but I  found out later, that he wasn´t at all! LOL! The "Frenchies" girls were all quiet and did not say a word...hahahahahahahaha. Some random dude making my hair! ;-)

Here are the cute Frenchies girls! (Photo source:

Anyway: Frenchies are really awesome! Frenchies are flocked french hairpins that keep all hairstyles, buns, extensions, wigs in place without poking or scratching the skin. You can get them in blonde, black and brown! Really neat and perfect for my some of the retro hairstyles that I have planned!

And for all the hooded girls out there: I have good news for you: check out Lids by Design- it is a little "sticker" that you put on your lid to open up your eyes and tug away all that sagging skin. If you use their eye primer, you can even apply eyeshadow on top! Phyrra tried it already out (see here) and loved it and I will try this soon out too!

Check out the result on the founder Britain Todd (below)- pretty obvious on which eye she has it on, right?

Left eye: eau naturelle, Right eye: Lids by design!

Britain Todd in an Interview at the Beauty after Dark event

The display of the huge selection of ella + mila nail polishes impressed me. These polishes are 7-Free, vegan, never tested on innocent animals and proudly made in the USA. Over one-hundred colors to choose from! 

BTW: Ella and Mila are the names of the founders daughters and the elephant is used as a logo, because it is the favorite animal of one of the daughters. How cute is that?

ella + mia polishes

Also excited to try: Cherry Blooms and their fibre mascaras and eyebrow products. The founder Jellaine Dee was such a cutie! ;-)

Jellaine Dee ( in the middle!
I saw also Laiba Zaid,who has a global reach of over 1.7 million followers across her social programs. She hosted the CPNA Beaut-E Reviews which was a filming studio located on the show floor.  

Laiba Zaid at Cosmoprof 2017

at the Italian Aperitivo 

Cosmprof provided the press (& bloggers) with free breakfast and lunch and a great cozy area to hang out and relax. 

Cosmoprof Press room

with the adorable Stephanie (

BTW: I am not wearing a christmas ornament on my head- that thing stood behind me, I swear! ;-)
with Phyrra (
The Cosmopolitan booth demonstrated how to use their tape hair extensions

At the Beauty After Dark event 

In the Venetian hotel 

In the "Glamour Me" room: Makeup artists ready to get your beauty on (for a $20 donation)

Thank you Cosmoprof for having me and for an exiting 3 days! See you maybe next year again! ;-)