Sorry for being absent for a while! We were in Atlanta for a little vacation and we visited (among other things) the Delta Flight Museum. I thought, I share today a couple of impressions with you, since this totally fits to my "new retro vibe" I have going on here on my blog! ;-)

I find that fashion, makeup and hairstyles -especially from the 50s- were so wonderful elegant and adore the style very much. And stewardesses reflected that definitely! Such gorgeous women!

Flying used to be a very luxurious thing to do and champagne seemed to have played a big role too! Also: remember how it was totally common to have smokers in the airplane? Delta even provided their own cigarette matches to their guests (3 pics below)!

While I love the style of the 50s, I am glad we no longer have smokers in airplanes! But I think it was pretty convenient to sit across to your friends (though this would not be very nice, if you sit like this with random people, right lol).

And how adorable are these seats from approximately the 50s? Not sure they are very comfortable though!

Here are a couple of beautiful Vintage Flight Ads!

OK- but the really interesting stuff were the adorable stewardess uniforms in my opinion!

This is a Vintage Stewardess uniform from 1970-1973 by Delta air lines. How cute is the bag with the scarf!

This is a Vintage Stewardess uniform from 1971-1972 by Northwest Airlines. A cape and green dress? Super cute!

In 1959 stewardesses wore uniforms with designer accessories by Edith Head. Wow! So elegant!

Here is an adorable winter coat with matching hat from the 70s by Delta Air lines. Gotta love the boots!

A little more modern: a Vintage Stewardess uniform from 2004-2006 by Delta air lines. Very pretty and I love the matching shoes!

Can you believe that flight attendants actually carried this Coca Cola metal case to serve their guests? Must have been heavy! 

I also wanted to share a picture of a Vintage Stewardess Barbie from 1966! How neat!

Overall the Delta Flight Museum (in Atlanta) is a really neat museum with some great displays- especially if you are into the retro vibe!

Which uniform would you wear? ;-)