Last year I hurt my knee at the gym (I wrote about it here) and while I am able to relief my pain with these supplements for the most part, I am trying everything to protect my knees and feet. And shoes are so important! I was looking for a long time for comfortable sandals with arch support, that don´t look like Birkenstocks, as that is not exactly the look I am going for lol! And I found them! These will also help you, if you have plantar fasciitis or other heel pain.

I am so happy about my new Vionic Orthotic sandals! They are sooo comfortable, give my high arches support AND most importantly: they look absolutely adorable and you won´t see that they are actually orthotic sandals! Yes, they are not exactly cheap- but your feet will thank you. Not only your feet- your whole posture might suffer from wearing the wrong shoes and that can also result in back pain.

Also: they are really well made with great materials and will last you a long time. 

The magic is in the orthaheel as this image shows impressively. 

Here are my favorite styles! And nobody will ever know that you are wearing orthaheels! ;-)

I will certainly not go back to my cheap flip flops. ;-)

Which one would you pick?

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