Have you seen the Artis Makeup Brushes that- I can´t help it- remind me immediately on toothbrushes? But who can afford these brushes, that are priced anywhere from $39- $90 each!?! But when I saw this little 3 piece mermaid brush set by Ib beauty at Marshalls for $16.99, I had to buy it!

The set contains a large linear brush, a small oval brush and a medium oval brush. I love that they are rose-gold, but did not know, until I unpacked the brushes at home, that they are actually only made out of plastic.

I have never heard about ib beauty, but apparently these brushes are "designed in Australia"- however they are made in China...

My experience:

I REALLY love using these! Especially the medium (the biggest in this set) oval brush turns out to be a great tool to apply foundation. Super soft! Yes, it lost here and there a couple hairs- but nothing major and it feels so super soft!

ib beauty medium oval brush

jb beauty small oval brush

ib beauty large linear brush

The small oval brush is another favorite that I love to use for blush or highlighter.

The linear brush isn´t my favorite. I have tried to use it with eyeshadow, but it seems this brush is simply too big for my eyes.

Now, since I have never tried the original Artis oval brushes, I can´t tell you, how these compare- however: for $16.99, I find this is a good starter set, that you can grab if you see it! Actually quite intrigued now to try the real ones lol!

Have you tried the original Artis brushes or any dupes? Do you love them? Do tell! I love to hear from you!

See also Real Techniques Dupes that I found at Ross!

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