I wanted to share with you my bag from Betsey Johnson that I absolutely love! It´s baby pink and has this little cute black heart hanger. And notice how good the black and white stripes and gold framed metal plate fits to my blog design! Ha! I just had to have this bag! (I got mine at Ross!)

I am a true minimalist when it comes to the things that I carry around. I am not a hoarder that walks around with a huge bag stuffed with crap that I don´t need- no! All I have in my bag is a lip balm, a hand cream (both from a department store in Germany a good friend send to me- thank you Antje!!!) ...

...and my Dooney & Bourke coin purse that I use since many years! Such good quality and timeless design and really an investment I never regretted. (here it is in 2015here it is in 2014 and here in 2013 lol)

When you flap the bag open, it has also some really helpful compartments- but the only thing I have in there are my business cards! ;-) (Oh and my iPhone, but I forgot to make a photo of it lol)

Anyway, I am really loving my bag- everytime I see it, it makes me smile! ;-)

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