True story: a couple of weeks ago my husband told me that he has seen recently a lot of ladies wearing leggings with mesh on the sides! While he did not express, if he likes that or not, I immediately thought: true! I have seen it too AND I WANT ONE OF THOSE TOO! 

So I ran to Ross and sure enough: the racks were filled with these kind of leggings and I got myself not one- but two! I love them! They look cute and also kinda sexy! Don´t you think?

1. These long mesh sports workout leggings keep your tummy tucked in! YES!

2. Ultra-tight and super sexy- these leggings are great to show off your muscles (if any lol)! 

3. Not just mesh- but a combination with fish net makes these leggings extra sexy! ;-)

And here is me with one of my leggings:

And another one:

Husband loves them too! Now I know. ;-)

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