I found THE best Foreo Luna dupe, cause who has $199 to spend for a facial cleansing tool, right? Let me present to you: the Swiss-Ultimate Ultrasonic Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush- and it costs under $24! But does it really perform the same?

Absolutely! And I have tried the original one (read it here). I actually like the little curve of the Swiss-Ultimate Cleansing Brush even a little better than the Foreo Luna, as it lays really comfortable in my hand. 

The Swiss-Ultimate is an awesome facial cleansing device for every skin type- but especially if you have very sensitive skin, as this won´t irritate your skin, but really help you to deeply cleanse your face. If you have tried a Clarisonic brush and it felt too harsh on your skin (or made you maybe even break out) an ultrasonic silicone brush is definitely something that will work for you.

the structure on the back is bigger- so you get 2 different massages

Let´s compare the technology behind it:

The Foreo Luna cleanses with 8000 pulsations per minute- the Swiss Ultimate provides 6000. While the difference sounds like a lot- I really don´t feel a difference, when I put it on the highest setting (with the little + sign).

The Foreo Luna has 12 different massage modes- the Swiss Ultimate has 14! Honestly- nobody will ever use those different massage modes, and you won´t feel much of a difference either. It´s just preference, if you like it a little stronger or super soft. I put it pretty much on the highest setting. You also will never know (on both devices), if you are on setting "4" or "10". You just click + or - for a setting that feels right. So, I think it does not matter if you have 5, 10 or 14 settings! ;-)

Both devices are made out of super hygienic silicone and the materials feel exactly the same. 

Both devices are waterproof and useable in the shower.

Both devices come with a USB charging cable and the little clear part on the bottom lights up when in use or charging in both devices.

My verdict: 

Honestly, with that huge price difference to the Foreo Luna ($199!), I could not be happier with my Swiss Ultimate Ultrasonic Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush. It is an awesome tool. Under $24? YES! 

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