It can be tough to be a mommy! And you will only understand that, if you become a mom yourself. All of a sudden, it all becomes so clear! Why was she doing this and why did she do that? Now I know! I sure remember, that I was not the easiest little teenager to handle! Well, those hormones kicking in seemed not to have the nicest effect on me. Now I am a mom of a wonderful 12 year old boy myself and I know at times it can be all overwhelming. But all mommies truly want just the best for their kids! Why do I tell you all this? So you don´t forget Mother´s day of course!!!

So write it down in your calendar:

May 14th is Mother´s day! 

And I have a really lovely mother´s day gift idea for you! Check out this beautiful Jeulia Design Two Tone Romantic Triple Heart Created White Sapphire Necklace! 

I´m laughing cause my husband is trying to hide behind me! ;-)

Isn´t it gorgeous? The necklace is made with sterling silver and shows 3 beautiful hearts.  I really love that the necklace is 2 toned: 2 hearts are silver (one includes gorgeous crystals) and the smallest heart is rose-gold. Very beautiful!

And it comes ready to gift in a beautiful gift box, a jewelry box, a cleaning cloth, a greeting card and a pretty paper bag. Your mommy will love it and forget all the hassle that you ever made her (or was I the only one?). Great mother´s day gift idea for sure!

Get the necklace here! ($75.95).

Disclaimer: Thank you Jeulia for sponsoring this postRead my full disclosure.