Before you start to sell any of the above systems, please make sure to watch this, because I have 8 reasons for you, why you should definitely sell LulaRoe, Lipsense, Younique, It works or Arbonne (or is it a scam?). 

Watch it on YouTube:

  1. You anyway love the products, and in the worst case you can use them yourself!
  2. You have a couple hundred to $5000 laying around in your bank account and have absolutely no idea what to do with it!
  3. You need a big stash of leggings or makeup, because you have a spare room that's totally empty!
  4. You have hundreds of friends that will buy ANYTHING from you!
  5. You absolutely don't believe that MLM systems are just a different name for pyramid schemes (where only the very first salespeople & highest ranked are successful).
  6. You like to annoy your friends on Facebook to sell your stuff and force add them into your FB groups to sell your products!
  7. You will not be one of the 95% that join these MLM systems and fail cause you will be much better (than 95%!).
  8. You love to recruit your family and friends to also sell the products and tell them how successful you are, making thousands on the side, even if not there yet.

So there you go, you should definitely sell one of these new MLM systems! 

Please don´t be offended if you are a distributor of one of these systems yourself. You know me: can´t keep my mouth shut about these kind of things... ;-)