I was curious how the Urban Decay Razor Sharp eyeliners compare to my (already beloved) Nyx Glam liners, especially since the price difference is $22 (Urban Decay) vs. $5.49 (Nyx)!

Urban Decay wins of course with the packaging- it does not look as cheap as the Nyx does. But I really don´t care for that so much.

Open them up and you will see that the Urban Decay is not thinner than the Nyx Glam liner- which the name "Razor sharp" kinda suggested to me that it would be soo super thin. The Nyx Glam liner brush is also a little longer than Urban Decay´s.

I think both of them are easy to apply and create a nice fine line.

The Nyx Glam liner consistence is maybe a hint thicker than the Urban Decay which feels thinner and applies maybe a hint smoother.

Since Nyx and Urban Decay are both owned by Loreal (though both Nyx and Urban Decay are cruelty free vs. Loreal is not), I am not surprised how similar these 2 eyeliners perform. 

I  was also curious if they maybe use the same formulation and checked the ingredients- and both list as their first 3 ingredients the exact same ones: Water, Acrylates and a form of Glycol. All colors have different colors added of course- so you can´t say that the formulation is the exact same, but the main ingredients are- with one complaint: the Nyx Glam liner uses parabens (that are questionable in regards of potentially leading to cancer) while Urban Decay doesn´t.

In the end you can´t really go wrong wit the Nyx Glam liner for only $5.49! I think it just is up to you and which color you prefer! And I still absolutely love my Nyx Glam liner in Nude! So Glam!

Oh and have you heard about last years scandal that Urban Decay created with the Razor Sharp eyeliners? Read it here!

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