Yes, I hopped on the bandwagon and just had to try this new silly sponge- ahem I mean the Silisponge by Molly Cosmetics! Since it is not expensive ($9.99- or exact dupes on ebay or on Amazon for even less) and I was curious: is this really working? 

I have seen the funniest Youtube videos where girls compare it to a bra-insert or with a gel shoe insole, because let´s face it: that is exactly how it looks like and how it feels! The reviews are literally split: some girls love it and some hate it!

I have tried it with different foundations and here is how I feel about it: first of all I actually - to my own surprise - liked the gentle and soft feeling that the silicone offers. I also like how it glides on my skin. If you are a "finger person" (aka someone that applies foundations with your fingers) then your fingers will stay clean! 

And I absolutely love how hygienic this is! Unlike a beauty blender (or any kind of sponge) that can be quite harmful over time and collect dirt and bacteria. Not so with the Silisponge: Easy peasy to clean this one and it is free of any dangerous bacteria etc. 

I also found that it really helps to use MUCH less product- so over time this will help save money because a little foundation goes a long, long way.

However: I find that I need a little more time and that the application will not be completely streak free as you will need a brush afterwards to really perfect the look and remove any uneven application. You can only glide the Silisponge and not press concealer on your skin, so I find that for concealing this is a no. 

Silisponge Pro´s summed up:

  • feels gentle and soft
  • your own hands stay clean
  • super hygienic
  • you need less foundation

Silisponge Con´s summed up:

  • a little time consuming
  • application is not streak free
  • does not work with concealer

Overall I am actually surprised that it isn´t as silly as I expected- and for the price you won´t do any harm to give this a try! Mally´s Silisponge is constantly out of stock, but try this exact dupe for $6.95 instead! ;-)

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