Where can you buy/sell used makeup? OK- you might think now "Did I read that right? Who wants used makeup?", right? Well, not everybody can afford to buy all that expensive makeup out there- and yes: I am talking explicitly about high end makeup brands. Of course you could buy used drugstore makeup as well- but since that isn´t that expensive, it doesn´t make much sense, don´t you think?

But brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Hourglass, Nars- those are f...reaking (what did you think what I am gonna say?) expensive! And in the constant hope to find a product, that truly makes us prettier, we want to try it all. While, yes: you CAN buy used makeup (and I tell you how!)- but the other question here is also: SHOULD you buy used makeup?


First things first! Here are some sites where you can buy used makeup:


Glambot: yes, you can buy used makeup here, but I don´t recommend it at all. Why? Completely overpriced! Here is a typical example: the Too Faced Born this way foundation costs brand new $39 at Sephora and USED (!!!) at Glambot $31.20! Are you kidding me? Plus shipping! That makes absolutely no sense! I rather buy new then!

Also Glambot uses stock photos and not photos of the actual product. I think, if you buy a used product, an actual photo is a must!

I say: NO, run and stay away. Also: in case you are wondering and want to sell your own used stuff: don´t do it here. The payout for you is ridiculous (plus they want you to send at least 20 products!). I don´t recommend this site at all. BTW most YouTubers or Bloggers are paid to talk nice about Glambot (as much as $1000 on Famebit for example). STAY AWAY NO MATTER IF YOU WANT TO BUY OR SELL. www.glambot.com


Reddit: has a thread where you can sell or buy makeup. I can recommend this as your source, as the prices are fair and since everybody has to be a member on reddit, it feels kinda safe. Also they upload actual photos of the products, so you see what you get (or sometimes they just post a list of products and if you care for one, you ask for a photo and they send it to you). Not bad! Also good in case you like to sell stuff. I always recommend to pay with PayPal because in case you have a problem, you can open up a dispute! https://www.reddit.com/r/makeupexchange/


Depop: this is a relatively new App and I love how it focuses on images- almost like Instagram. You can buy or sell other stuff too. You can pay via Paypal and also give feedback about the seller. However: I have tried selling things and I find that it is not easy to sell something. The audience seems very young and they seem not to have really the money to buy anything. However: if you like to buy: you will find pretty decent priced makeup items. If you sell, Depop charges 10 % in case you sold an item.


MUABS is probably the best platform to buy and to sell used makeup in my opinion. Huge selection and fairly priced. Only downside: the site itself can be at times very slow and glitchy. You also pay with Paypal. Muabs charges also 10 % for sellers (only if an item is sold). https://muabs.com/


Facebook groups: there are a ton of Facebook groups out there, where you can buy and sell used makeup (just type in "Sell Makeup" in your Facebook search bar and go on "groups" to find some.) However: after checking in on a couple of them, I find that these girls want usually pretty crazy money for their used makeup. Maybe you are lucky and find something, but from what I see it is not really worth it. Facebook does not charge anything, so this is cheaper in case you like to sell- but therefore probably also not easy to sell anything.


Ebay: yes, officially it is not allowed to sell used cosmetic on eBay- however, I found that you can find tons of used makeup on there. Usually the title will include something like this: *read and if you check the description, it will tell you that it is used and of course you will see the evidence also in the images of the used products. 

If you buy on Ebay it is pretty easy to find out, if the seller has a good reputation. Check the feedback and read all the negative feedback the seller received. You will find out pretty fast, if the seller is a trustworthy one or not. If the seller has no or almost no feedback, I would not trust him either. Ebay charges 10 % if you sell. You can list up to 50 items per month for free. www.ebay.com


OK, now that we are down to where you can buy or sell used makeup, let´s get a little deeper, because there are some risks involved in doing things like this.


I could not believe my eyes, when I saw this video (below), but yes: apparently it is a thing to do dumpster hauls at Ulta, Sephora or other department stores! Can you believe it? The employees of these stores actually have to destroy returned makeup for hygienic reasons, but sometimes they throw away testers, broken stuff and even crazier: sometimes they are forced to throw away brand new items, because the brand changed something in their packaging, formula etc and they just want the old stuff gone! 

So here´s the problem: if you buy used makeup, you can absolutely not be sure that this is safe! This could be contaminated, full of bacteria, anything! You can never be sure if you don´t know your source from where the item is coming from. Very dangerous. BTW: don´t even think to go dumpster diving yourself: this is illegal!


Fake products. Yes, the market is also full of counterfeit makeup. Not only do we of course not want fake makeup, but the problem is that these fake items are usually very cheaply produced and contain potentially dangerous and toxic ingredients that you don´t want to put on your body! Yes, very dangerous. From what I see though, these sellers do not claim that they are selling used makeup, so fake products are usually brand new items for a (way) too low price. Keep in mind: 

if the price seems to good to be true, it probably is... counterfeit.

Check out this fake item on ebay: a BY TERRY eye palette. OMG: it looks so bad- check out the shadows and the horrible brush and the price is ridiculous low: a $96 palette for $25? Easy peasy to compare to the real thing- just check the brands website. These colors don´t even exist...

Especially very popular items are available as fake- for example Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks (hilarious: often times the fake liquid lipsticks have color names that don´t even exist such as dainty, runway red, venom, electro, orchid), Laura Mercier (especially the setting powder!), Kat von D Contour and Eyepalettes, MAC products or Ben Nye banana setting powder. 

You can be almost certain that anything on Aliexpress is counterfeit also (Michael Kors bag for $50 anybody lol).


If you must buy used makeup, please still keep in mind to NEVER buy: Mascara, open jars of any kind (foundation, cream, concealer) or lip products. You don´t want to get an infection or rash, break outs or something, right? 


A better choice to buy used makeup? For example powder products, such as eye-palettes, blushes, bronzers. Also OK: products in tubes such as foundations.


Please make sure to sanitize used makeup before you use it! And how? 

1. Use clear tape and put it on the product to get the top layer off of the product
2. Then spray rubbing alcohol on top of the product. Let the product dry for a couple hours. 

Sanitized and ready for you to use!