A class-action lawsuit against the- unfortunately still very popular- St. Ives Apricot Scrub was filed in December 2016 (here it is) and I say: FINALLY! Why?

I spoke about the dangers of the St. Ives Apricot Scrub already in February 2014. Oh geez- the video is too cute, cause 3 years ago I was still very shy in my videos LOL!

So, what´s the problem with the scrub?

The scrub is just too abrasive and can lead to major skin concerns, such as irritated or even inflamed skin. Back in 2014 I wasn´t even aware that St. Ives does not even use apricot seed powder- no! They just add chemical fragrances that make us think, that it contains apricots (and to further fool us they add an image of apricots on the product of course). The scrub contains crushed walnut shell powder- not crushed walnuts, no: crushed walnut shells! Now can you imagine how harsh that must be for our skin? You know how hard a walnut is, right? Do you really like to scrub your face with crushed walnut shells?

I know that some women like to use this scrub to this day and have no skin irritations- but maybe these ladies will see the damage they cause in a couple years. I know myself that I liked, how it felt to scrub my face with it. Sometimes something feels right, but it just isn´t. I believe that added fragrance plays a role in this too- it smells nice, so it must be good! This scrub is truly dangerous and I urge you to stop using it, in case you still do.  

Besides: St. Ives is not cruelty free and the claims to be "100% natural" are ridiculous (btw, I do have not a problem using skin care that is not 100 % natural- but I have a problem if a company claims to be 100 % natural but isn´t).

Check out also "If packaging would say the truth"

But I still like to use a good scrub- just please no crushed walnut shells and also please no plastic micro beads (those land in our lakes, rivers and oceans and have been even found inside of our fish!). If you still like a good facial scrub, I recommend instead the Derma e Microdermabrasion scrub (that one uses aluminum oxide).

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