HiMirror: Smart Beauty Mirror with Skin Analyzer!

Today I have a review of a pretty cool device: the HiMirror: a smart beauty mirror with skin analyzer! This is basically a tool that is able to see all of your problem areas on your skin! HiMirror is the world’s first mirror that can help you analyze your skin, track your skin care in terms of effectiveness and so much more. HiMirror is capable of assessing your skin’s condition including wrinkles, fine lines, complexion, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, and pores so that you may take early measures to improve upon your skin and achieve your beauty goals. Does this really work?

Yes! Watch my YouTube video for a life demo! 

HiMirror needs to be either mounted on the wall, your bathroom mirror (everything you need is included) or you get an easel like I did. It reacts to hand movements or with your voice. It is not touch-screen. I struggled in the beginning with the hand movements, but after 3 days I figured it out and I also use a lot the voice commands to get through the menu super fast.

So, here you can see (on the first pic), how the mirror shows you where to "place" your face when it takes a photo.  The mirror analyzes in detail you face and will give you a result for: complexion, pores, red spots, wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and dark spots. Pretty neat, hm?

The skin analysis will then also create a "skin factors summary". It saves all the data, so you can keep track of your results. 

I also received the body scale that I love very much, because I am able now to not only see my weight, but it also shows me exactly how much fat, muscle or bone I have and even gives me my BMI! 

HiMirror constantly updates the device (it is connected through Wi-fi) and you will be surprised by all the new features that get added on all the time. Currently you can play also radio and spotify is in the works as add on as well.

What do you think of this new device? I find it pretty cool! Find more information about the HiMirror and the body scale here!

Disclaimer: Thank you HiMirror for sponsoring this post. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Contains Affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.