Remember, when I told you about the Conture Skin Toning Device in this post? Well, today I like to update you a little about it. It´s now about 6 weeks later and I am using this device every single night. I did before and after photos to compare, if anything changed! Let´s check it out- shall we?

Please read my first post to find out more about what this tool can do and how to use it (there is a short how-to video included as well) but to sum it up: it promises to give you a younger-looking, glowing and radiant face. I would say that it takes me about 5 minutes to do this routine. I concentrated my efforts on my neck and on my forehead and also in between my eyes (that frown wrinkle). You have to use it together with the Kinetic treatment serum, so that the Conture Skin Toning Device glides smoothly on your skin. The feeling is really nice and massaging- not painful at all. You will have a little redness afterwards that diminishes within minutes. I have come to enjoy the procedure and see it as a little relaxing massage! My little night spa if you will! 

It´s awesome that you can use this tool everywhere on your face or neck- where you want it or need it. Personally I find the feeling a bit uncomfortable under my eyes as it feels like my skin is too delicate there, so I skipped doing that.

I know, I know! You want to see the results. 

OK: here is my full face on the left before I started using the device and after using it every night for 6 weeks. Overall I personally see only a slight improvement on my forehead wrinkles- what do you say? Is the frown wrinkle between my eyes better or not? Not sure! 

I feel like I am developing a slight double chin- a bit fat for sure and was hoping the massaging of the device could help with that, but I don´t really see anything happened. Well, Conture never promised to do that anyway lol! So that did not happen.

One of my major aging concerns is my neck, and while I still have some crazy neck wrinkles going on, I feel like here, I see the biggest improvement- what do you say? I feel like the wrinkles really look less defined after 6 weeks. Hopefully that will improve even more with continued use.

I will keep using the Conture Skin Toning Device and will again update you about any further results!

As for now, you can go ahead and check out more information on this device hereWith the code "Beauty4free25" you can get 25% off the entire website.


Disclaimer:  Thank you Conture for sponsoring this post. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Read my full disclosure.