Today I have a comparison of the real Beauty Blender Micro Mini ($18) with a fake one that I bought on Ebay for $2.50! How do they compare? Is the fake beauty blender a good dupe or not?

Watch it on YouTube:


I don't really know why they even copy the packaging of the real Beauty Blender- does anybody who orders this from China for $2.50 (including shipping!) really expect the real thing? I certainly did not. So I personally think they can save themselves the hassle of creating the fake packaging. The fake box is a little bigger, the dots on it have somewhat different packaging and the paperwork inside is a cheap copy on thin paper- but who cares, right? What I care about is, how do they perform?


When they are dry the fake beauty blenders feels somewhat more stiff and firm than the real ones. However: I use these sponges only dampened and I gotta tell you: once you dampened the fake beauty blenders, they work just as great as the original ones! Super soft and easy to work with and no difference at all to the real ones. I love my fake beauty blenders for $2.50 lol!

One let down:

One complaint: unfortunately it took almost 2 month to arrive for my fake beauty was during Christmas time, so hopefully this is not always the case, but I can't tell! 

My verdict:

If you are patient enough to wait, then I say: go for it! The fake ones are a winner for me!

I found these fake mini blenders on Ebay! ;-)

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