Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kit

I thought this Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kit looked so cute and so I had to pick it up! And you have to admit: the packaging is adorable! Unfortunately all that glitters is not gold!

But let´s first say a couple of good things here: the mascara- at least the black side- is really nice. I like the big silicone wand and it applies nicely and does a great job in separating my lashes and giving them length. The other side of the mascara? I really did not get that one. It has somewhat of a taupe shade- but who wants taupe lashes? Not me. I tried it on my eyebrows, but this turned out too dark. I am not gonna use the taupe side. I recommend rather one of my faves: the Physicians Formula Sexy Booster

The eyeliners both contain tiny little glitter specks. They are wonderful buttery and apply smooth- yet due to the softness a little chunky at times. I am too scared to use them in my waterline because of the glitter, but these work great under my waterline and are easy to smudge out too. The colors are both very similar- so don´t expect the brown to be a real brown.

But here comes the major let down, this adorable looking eyepalette is such a cheater. No, nothing pretty about it- once applied. Almost no pigmentation. All colors kinda look the same. Some colors have as good as no color payout at all. BAD, BAD, BAD.

No pigmentation! :-(
This is about as good as it gets with this one. Tried my best! ;-)

Clearly I am underwhelmed! ;-)

I had much higher expectations- I know this palette is not exactly expensive, but I own an older version of the shimmer strips (this one here) that is so so good! Super pigmented, super buttery and gorgeous colors! I´d rather pick that one up instead! ;-)

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