I have new hair! I love it so much! Do you also feel often like you want to change something with your hair, but don´t know exactly what to do? I am always scared to chop everything off, because I usually regret that after a couple days, but a little change with the hair color can be so much fun! I decided to go for a blonde to pink balayage!

Now, until this point you might think that this is all my real hair, right? Well, it´s not! ;-) I actually used clip in hair extensions! What do you think now? I could not believe, how real this looks! My husband was impressed as well and thought that this looks very sexy! ;-)

Easy peasy to clip these on!

This is real human hair and feels just like my own hair! My set of hair extensions came with 5 rows of clip-ins. I have NEVER used hair extensions (except bangs here) and wasn´t sure, if I am able to put them on, but you girls: it really is so easy! If you don´t know how to do it, I recommend watching this video here

And the best part: I have a new hair color without damaging my hair! I had so much fun with my new (horse-) thick hair, that I did a couple of other hairstyles as well. The clip-ins are completely invisible! Nobody would ever see that I am wearing hair extensions! ;-)

Especially if you have very thin hair, this might be a great way for you to add some texture. Although I am not exactly having thin hair, I could not believe how much volume these hair extensions gave me- and I actually left one of the hair pieces out, because I already thought I already have enough volume going on! Ross haul in the corner lol

Doesn´t it look so real? When I opened my little package by Lux Beauty Club, I was completely not aware, how much difference these would make, because they come in this tiny foil package and you won´t see how much hair it actually is. So, don´t be surprised when you order extensions and it looks at first like nothing. Because, as you can see on the photos, these are certainly not nothing!

Here I have a couple before and after photos so that you get to actually see, how much is my own hair and how much Lux Beauty Club added to my own hair!

So happy with my new hair look! 

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