I tried another tutorial from Wayne Goss (I also just tried how to contour your nose with a fork). He claims to instantly transform very dry cakey concealer with this trick and I wanted to test, if this really works...

Wayne said in his video here that all you have to do is: press with a mini beauty sponge the Tatcha setting spray right on the concealer. He believes that the includes squalane is responsible for getting rid of the cakey-ness. But does this really work?

So,- on purpose- I created at first really dry cakey concealer with the Nars Radiant Concealer (that dries on its own already pretty dry I find) and topped it off -to make things worse- with the Tarte smooth operator finishing powder.

Watch it also on YouTube:

Then I sprayed the Tatcha setting spray on a little sponge and patted it on the concealer. What happened? It instantly transformed my dry under-eyes into a dewy, glowy texture! Dryness and cakey-ness gone? YES! But I found also, that it enhanced my- already crazy- puffiness under my eyes as well. Dewy and puffy does not go great together. If you don´t suffer from puffiness, this trick should do.

But I also went ahead and checked a couple hours later, if this would make my concealer crease- now that I topped it off with a dewy face mist. And yes, as I imagined, the Tatcha setting spray also does not hold the concealer in place. I experienced some slight creasing into the 2 biggest lines under my eyes.

My verdict:

This trick should work great, if you have very dry skin and no puffy under-eyes, but you might experience a little more creasing than without the Tatcha spray. If you have oily skin, the Tatcha spray might not be a good idea. After all: the "magic" squalane that Wayne is talking about is an oil (from olive oil) that gives you the dewy finish.

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