Do I still use Frownies- 3 years after my first use? 


Watch it on Youtube:

Pictures speak more than 1000 words. Check out my frown line between my eyes in 2013! 


Me today! (2016)

I sleep every single night with one Frownie in the middle of my eyes. My husband and son are already so used to see me in the morning with my paper triangle! 

Many people told me to use surgical paper tape instead, because it is cheaper. But I tried it with horrendous results (check here what happened). And really, Frownies are not that expensive! The box comes with 144 patches- that is almost 5 month of use for around $15. PLEASE! That is NOT expensive!

Don´t expect this to be a quick fix if you want to see immediate results. This might take weeks or even months- depending on how deep your frown lines are. Be patient and you will see results. My frown line is still there, but it has gotten so, so much better. That deep line I had in 2013 (picture above) changed completely. Sure, Botox probably works better, but I am scared of the long term effect it might have. I have never done Botox. Frownies have no side effects whatsoever! ;-)

I am a believer and Frownies are my most important anti-aging product, I swear.

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