Today I have a DIY Brow Gel for you! A hack that will save you money! Even though, I switched to the Elf Clear Brow Gel that costs only $2, it accumulated to $24 in a year, cause I went through it within 4 weeks- plus I really didn´t enjoy the fact that it would always turn into a brown goopy dirty mess, because the eyebrow pencil that I had on my brows, would get mixed up with the eyebrow I started to think about an alternative method...

Watch it on YouTube:

And of course I found one! There is no magic in the clear brow gel- it´s just like a tiny jar (Elf contains only 0.08 oz!!!) with hair gel! LOL!

What I did was: cleaning thoroughly one of my empty Elf eyebrow gels and let it dry. Now I just squeeze a tiny drop of hair gel (I like this one) on the back of my hands, wriggle the empty Elf wand in it and apply it on my brows. Then I clean the Elf wand with a paper towel and ta-da: not only does this hack save money (that hair gel tube will probably last a lifetime lol!) but also my wand stays super clean and fresh every single time!

I hope this trick saves you money too! ;-)

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