I am not happy that Estee Lauder acquired Becca to an estimated $200 Million, because Becca used to be a cruelty free brand that I could trust. Estee Lauder is not a cruelty free brand and sells almost all its brands in China, which requires animal testing by law (read more here why companies test on animals).

Estee Lauder owns Smashbox and Aveda and there is a great debate in the cruelty free community, if these 2 brands are cruelty free or not. Some say "yes", because they don´t sell in China and are certified by Peta as cruelty free, but some say "no", because they have in their "faqs" that they test "if required by law" and they don´t trust Peta as an organization.

But even if Becca remains cruelty free, the money spend to Becca will at the end also go to Estee Lauder.

Not good news.