Today I am reviewing the Skinn Insta-Fill for Eyes by Dimitri James for you. It promises to instantly create smooth skin around the eye area with this highly effective line filling treatment. Enriched with fruit acids and a potent anti-aging peptide, this treatment works immediately and overtime to help minimize the look of crow’s feet and to hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes, resulting in a more youthful and supple appearance. But is this all true?

YES! This is the perfect eyeshadow primer for us gals that are no longer in their 20s. You know this feeling that the brush skips on your eyes, because of the wrinkles and loose skin? Skinn Insta-Fill helps to create a smooth canvas and your skin will feel like skin from a 20 year old. Smooth eyeshadow application and it does not dry out the skin either- like some of the regular eye primers do in my opinion.

However: it can be a little tricky to apply the product! It has this strange consistency, almost dry. You need to use only a tiny amount and only dab it in. Rubbing can lead to balling up of the product. So use only the tiniest amount and gently dab it with your finger on the area you like to apply eyeshadow. You will need some practice for sure!

Also: this works also on lips to remove those aging vertical lines! Again: less is more! Don´t use too much product or it will be a mess.

Now, the product seemed from its consistency ideal to also apply on my forehead lines. So guess what I did? I applied it on my forehead lines ! Ha ha! It´s not intended for that purpose at all but I think I smear literally every product on those wrinkles, to see if it has an effect! LOL! And what do you know? It works awesome to smooth out those deep forehead lines! Check it out:

Overall I am very pleased with the Skinn Insta-Fill, plus I can not only use it as an eye primer but also on my lips and forehead. An absolute winner and don´t let the small jar fool you as this product lasts truly forever! Try it out. I love it!

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