My App "Go Cruelty Free" is celebrating its 1st anniversary! YAY! I created this App one year ago to help YOU to make cruelty free shopping easier! You are able to scroll through cruelty free brands in your favorite stores (from drugstores to Sephora or Ulta) as well as find cruelty free brands for the type of product you are looking for. I keep all the brands updated in case something changed about their stance of being cruelty free.

1700 of you have the face of my Schmusie on their Apple device! I have only received 5 Star ratings from you! Thank you so much for trying it out and also for making an effort to shop cruelty free! I am cruelty free since 2013 and so can you!

I have a little demo in this video how the App works (skip to 2:13 for the demo)

The App was now available for a whole year for free, but I will have to change this (starting tomorrow). Why? Apple charges me $100 a year for the Apple Developer program. Since I got my second bill now, I hope that you are OK with me charging from tomorrow on $0.99 for it? Those that already have the App on their device will of course stay free- but new downloads will have to pay that. BTW even those $0.99 will get reduced by Apple by another 30%. You see, who the winner is of the money, right? Apple of course. I am only trying to cover my costs- not to gain from you!!!

So, download it today, because this is the LAST DAY that you can download it for free! ;-)