Are you excited for the new Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette? I admit: I am not. I find the colors look blah and boring. If you don't have many eye palettes- OK then maybe this is a nice neutral basics palette. But I am also not excited, because I saw very fast, that I own a palette that is a pretty darn good dupe for this one. And it only costs $6! Yes! You heard right!

And what is it? The Hard Candy top ten trendsetters in birthday suit! Available at Walmart for only $6! It contains 10 matte, super easy to blend colors.

I do not own the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics but Brooke (from blushingnoir.com) was so nice to allow me to use her swatches (please check out her review here as well). There is 2 pinkish purplish colors that the Hard Candy Palette is not able to dupe (Instinct and Lethal), but other then that, you see there is also a whole bunch of very light colors (that I find pretty boring in both palettes lol) and then there is this important orange rusty color, a couple of grays and a black. Most importantly they are all matte. The Hard Candy offers also a beautiful matte deep blue color.

Overall though you are able to re-create most looks with the Hard Candy palette. 

Watch it also on YouTube!

Oh and also I wanted to rant a bit about the swatches that UD presents. C´mon! Did they swatch these wet? As you can see on Brooke´s swatches above- that is NOT how these colors swatch...

photo credit: www.urbandecay.com

I hope this post saves some of you money or was at least helpful! 

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