MAKEUP REVOLUTION Fortune Favors the Brave Ultra 30 Eyeshadow Palette REVIEW & SWATCHES

Today I have a review of the MAKEUP REVOLUTION Fortune Favors the Brave Ultra 30 Eyeshadow Palette for you. You know, that I am usually a huge fan of Makeup Revolution, but to warn you: this review will not exactly be the best...

But first some positive notes: the packaging looks not only sleek but also elegant- and when you open the palette up, you will cheer up with all the 30 gorgeous colors- the "marbled" colors look oh so stunning! I almost want to frame the palette and hang on my wall! ;-)

But...if you use the colors, you will very soon discover, that many of the colors are a huge let-down. I was so disappointed! 

All matte colors feel scratchy and dry and apply patchy and are not pigmented at all- 2 of the matte colors don´t show up at all. The colors are tough to blend and really not a pleasure to use. 

I am so surprised- because if you see the original swatches by the BRITISH Beautyblogger here, you see some awesome pigmentation! But she must have scratched the crap out of the palette- the pigmentation is just not there! 

Some of the shimmery colors are OK though- I like the white shimmery color in the 4th row as well as some of the rose gold shimmery colors. 

All the purple colors suck- and that is 6 of them- they all look muddy and don´t really different from each other. Some of the blues are pretty. 

I swatched with a brush, because I think that finger swatches make the colors look better, but that is just not how they apply on your lids! Swatches with a brush are much better to show, how colors truly apply with a brush. Or do you smear the colors on your lids with your fingers? ;-)

Overall this palette is a big disappointment -despite the gorgeous packaging and the price of $15. But I rather have some crappy packaging and gorgeous pigmented colors! 

If you are on the hunt for a great palette- go for the Makeup Revolution New-trals vs. Neutrals Palette instead (read my review here). That one is so, so good! (and even cheaper: only $10!)

You can skip this one.

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