A big question in the mature beauty community is, if we need an eye cream or not. Some ladies give out their advise that you don´t need it, because you can just use your regular moisturizer and are only paying more money for less product, if you buy an extra eye cream. Other ladies claim, that you indeed need an eye cream because of how delicate your eye area is. So, what is the truth?

I believe that the one lady that started this whole thing was Paula Begoun, when she wrote the Beauty Bible in 1997 that has sold since then almost 3 Million times. Paula Begoun is the founder of the skin care brand "Paula´s choice" but sold the company in 2012 for $70 Million (read more here). Paula Begoun was probably the first person that screamed out loud that an eye cream is just a marketing gimmick and that scientifically we do not need it. 

But what did I find to my surprise yesterday when I checked the website from Paula´s choice? THEY DO SELL NOW AN EYE CREAM? WHAT?!? Brand new available: the Paula´s choice Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream.

I could not believe my eyes what I found, since Paula always screamed:"We don´t need an eye cream!".  I was very confused honestly and digging deeper, I found "A letter by Paula Begoun". 

Well, out of my perspective this was a clever move from Paula´s choice. Remember: Paula sold the company in 2012. Don´t mix up the company "Paula´s choice" with the person "Paula Begoun". "Paula´s choice" obviously is planning to make even more money and with a new product that so many desire, this will easily bring in more sales. They only needed her to write a "letter" to clarify, why they changed their mind. Clever marketing move I say. Who cares if the whole skin care brand was build up on the theory that we don´t need an eye cream, if you can make so much more money selling one. LOL.

I have to say that I was always very intrigued by Paula´s theory that we don´t need an eye cream. I read her book 2 years ago. But yet there was one problem: my eye area usually gets very irritated from regular moisturizers. Not only is the skin around my eyes super delicate and sensitive, but I also tend to get red there and even get watery eyes from regular moisturizers. So- I don´t really care if you don´t need an eye cream "scientifically"- because I need one! My skin tells me. So, bring the new eye cream on Paula´s choice, cause I need one! ;-)

My verdict:

So, what is my verdict? Do we need an eye cream or not? You know what? Science here and science there...what you really have to find out yourself is, how an eye cream makes YOU feel! If you feel like you don´t need one- skip it! But if you feel like an eye cream makes a difference: use it!

I really don´t want to tell anybody, if you need an eye cream or not. Sometimes it is just about our own gut (eh eyes I mean).

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