Today I have 4 sunscreens for you that aren´t greasy and are easy to wear with makeup. Nobody likes sunscreen that intervene´s with our foundation or feels sticky and oily or makes us breakout. But we know: we should put on that sunscreen everyday, if we don´t want our skin to age premature. Even the thinnest lotion can be already too much for oily skin. But thanks to science: the next generation of sunscreen is already here: all non-comedogenic (do not clog skin), non-greasy and perfect for everyday wear. And yes: you gotta put that sunscreen on- even if it is cloudy outside! 


The Brush On Block is one genius discovery I made last year. This is a mineral powder sunscreen that contains an SPF of 30- it has a light skin tint to it, so you won´t look chalky. No scent and includes a brush that pops open when you scroll it up. Super convenient on the go as well- you can swipe it all over your face and it won´t interrupt the makeup at all. Use it as a setting powder and you are not only set, but also sun protected! Genius!


The Coola Makeup setting spray is (just like the name suggests) to use after your makeup application. Simply spray it as a last step all over your face. Don´t be stingy to make sure that your skin is truly protected. It contains an SPF of 30. I admit: it smells at first a little strong (like alcohol), but that dissolves quickly. Your makeup is set and you are protected. Fab!

MURAD INVISIBLUR PERFECTING SHIELD $65 (on Sale on Amazon for $42.99)

The Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield is a makeup primer- a clear gel that feels just like the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer- but not only does it prime your face, it also blurs fine lines AND gives you the needed sun protection of SPF 30! It smells heavenly like citrus and once applied, it will dry completely and undetectable. Perfect under makeup!


The Supergoop! setting mist is another makeup setting spray that you spray onto your face after your makeup is applied. It contains an SPF of 50 and smells like rosemary. Your makeup won´t run away in the summer heat and your skin is sun protected. Price wise it is also the winner of the 4 sunscreens mentioned.

Now you have no reason anymore to go without sun protection! ;-)

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