One more room is ready remodeled in our house from the 60s (see also my son´s remodeled room here). And because our son comes always first in our lives, his bathroom was the next thing that we finished! We had to remove literally everything: the old tub, the tiles, the flooring, the toilet, the cabinet... I don´t think anyone has (since the 60s) done anything to this old bathroom!

We decided that we did not need a tub and replaced it with a walk in shower.

The sink cabinet and the storage stool are from IKEA, the flooring is from Lowe´s (in the shower) and from Floor & Decor, the faucet and shower head are from Amazon, the soap dispenser, the toothbrush holder and towels are from Target, the mirror, the towel holders and the lighting is from Lowe´s.

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